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Michael Moreno, MD, author of
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“Why should you wait to lose weight? I created The 17 Day Diet because my patients needed to get real results (and encouragement) FAST,” says Dr. Moreno.

But you might be wondering:

How is it possible to lose weight so fast?

It’s all about what Dr. Moreno calls “body confusion.” This is the revolutionary technique that Dr. Moreno has used to help thousands of patients lose belly fat rapidly. Instead of letting your body get accustomed to one particular way of eating day after day, you'll learn how to trick your body with simple daily routine changes to help keep your metabolism in fat-burning mode at all times!

The best part: With body confusion you can …

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Isn’t rapid weight loss dangerous?

FACT: Belly fat increases your risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, joint damage, and embarrassment! Why wouldn’t you try to get rid of it as fast as possible? Yes, you can lose weight quickly. But you can also grow healthier at the same time. “There’s simply no downside, no matter what you’ve been told,” Dr. Moreno says.

Don’t you just gain the weight back?

No, it can be just the opposite! A 2010 study from a Florida university suggests that the key to long-term weight loss and maintenance is to lose weight quickly, not gradually. The scientists found that overweight women who dropped fat the fastest lost more total weight, kept it off longer, and were less likely to gain it back than those women who lost weight more slowly. We call that a “win, win, win!”

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Did you know that you actually have TWO different kinds of fat on your body? And did you know that unlike traditional weight loss, rapid weight loss is shown to remove BOTH kinds of belly fat? In a Finnish study published in the International Journal of Obesity and Related Metabolic Disorders, a rapid weight loss diet followed for just 6 weeks trimmed visceral fat by 25 percent and reduced subcutaneous fat by 16 percent. Discover how you can rid yourself of belly fat fast with The 17 Day Diet

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A typical person who follows the plan described in The 17-Day Diet, should expect a safe and healthy weight loss of
1 to 2 pounds per week.

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